The Bubble goes ONLINE!

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Hello. This is the brand new website of THE BUBBLE, the brand new magazine of St James School, Exeter. The Bubble is created by students for students. Of course, we can’t prevent teachers, parents, Donald Trump, etc from reading it. That wouldn’t be right. It’s a free world. Sort of. But it isn’t for them.

Once we’ve figured out how it works, we’ll be posting all kinds of stuff up here. There’ll be news and fake news. There’ll be art, stories, poems and films too. There’ll be features and interviews, cartoons and competitions, puzzles and crosswords. It’ll be a feast for the senses and the soul. So please come back!

*** If you’re a student at St James and you’d like to see your work published up here, we’d love to hear from you. Please do drop us a line at Or you could go and see BTW (Mr Winsor) or TDH (Mr Halpin), who can generally be found in the library. Speaking of which, we meet in the library every Monday after school, usually from 3:15 until about 4:15. Come along! *** 

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