by Ella Edmonds

As a school, we have decided to change our summer uniform. There have been many strong opinions on the change. Some feel that the length of skirt is overly long. I’ve heard complaints that wearing shorts with a blazer may not look good. Here at The Bubble, we’ve come up with our own ideas.

Skirts. There have been A LOT of arguments about skirts. Are they too long or are they too short? Should they be worn with or without tights or socks or both or neither? It’s a complicated issue, but we have had an idea how to make things better. In a word: LEGGINGS. Girls (or boys, for that matter) should be allowed to wear leggings as a replacement. We also believe that there isn’t enough colour in the uniform at the moment. To remedy this, we ask that students who switch to the leggings option should be required to wear a brightly coloured tutu and fairy wings. Not only would this make everyone feel happier and bring a sense of joy to our classrooms – it would also let people freely express their inner fairy.

Shorts. Some students are worried about the fabric of the shorts not being fashionable enough. Easy: simply change the fabric of the shorts to a neon-yellow denim covered in lots of layers neon yellow bubble wrap (clearly at The Bubble we love bubble wrap). As well as providing a different colour palate for the school uniform, this would help protect the top half of people’s legs. Which means the school will save money on first aid. Win win!

Blazers. Blazers should be optional…Er, that’s it.

Shirts. Everyone needs to wear shirts, but white is just… bland. How about tie-dye t-shirts? We could have a tie-dye day at the end of each year where everyone brings in shirts to create the ones they are going to wear for the next school year. Of course, they would still have to be the button-up ones that are mandatory at the moment (we do have standards after all), only a lot more colourful.

Shoes. Here at The Bubble, we think that people should be allowed to wear ballet shoes instead of the plain black ones.

bubble uniform online

All in all, quite fashionable, we’d say! We hope you agree.


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