Transforming photos

By Anonymous

The first photo – the one with the stone archway – was taken at a display garden. Even without extra colour, I liked the archway and thought it looked mysterious (if a bit boring).

160621 Arch photo (c) Louise Miller
The original archway with no artificial colouring (c) Louise Miller

When I got home I started adding effects to make it look more special. I tried the negative colour effect on it and liked it, but it wasn’t really what I was going for. I wanted to make it look like a kinda parallel universe where it was bright but with a discreet tinge of black.

Louise Miller Archway FINAL
The parallel universe archway (c) Louise Miller

The other photo was taken at a garden festival. While my mum was looking at the flowers I wandered around and found this plain kinda tree house that wasn’t in a tree. I took a photo of it with a sepia effect to make it look vintage, but I wasn’t happy with it so I tried to create the opposite effect. In real life it was very subtle – boring even – so I tried to make it stand out and appear full of colour.

160621 Shed photo (c) Louise Miller SEPIA VERSION
Vintage? Or just plain boring? (c) Louise Miller
160621 Shed photo (c) Louise Miller FINAL
That’s more like it. The opposite of boring. (c) Louise Miller

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