St James Exeter is proud to be the very first school in the country to offer a GCSE qualification in 'Paranormal Studies'. The two-year course is inspired by the education system in Transylvania, home of Count Dracula, and will only be open to the most fearless students. Further information below.


Rantlet of the Week

by Kat Beames STOP! Just – please – stop. I'm talking to you people who draw and write rude things on library books. It is so annoying! You just want to sit down and relax with a nice book, but, no, it isn't nice. You know why? Because THERE IS RANDOM DRAWING AND WRITING ALL... Continue Reading →

15 of the Best… Witty Comebacks

by Ella Edmonds, Wit-at-Large Arguments are never fun, especially if you KNOW you’re right but the other person doesn’t want to admit it. However, everyone knows the best insults are those in which one person stumps the other with a clever, witty comeback. And that just happens to be my specialty. So, without further ado, here... Continue Reading →


This picture (taken by Bubble editor Niamh Gander's dad) is clearly begging for a witty caption. Entries by 9 October, please. There will be a prize (probably edible) for the most amusing effort. 

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