ORIGINAL FICTION! Once a witch, always a witch

by Rebecca Yarde-Buller CHAPTER ONE I got out of bed yawning happily. It was the first day of the summer holidays – and my 13th birthday. For those who don’t know, this is one of a witch’s most important birthdays – the day I would legally be declared a witch by receiving my first broomstick.... Continue Reading →


The Bubble interviews… JACQUELINE WILSON!

The Bubble is thrilled to publish its very first CELEBRITY INTERVIEW – with bestselling children's writer and all-round star of the literary firmament, Jacqueline Wilson. Read on for some excellent tips for budding writers, some cheesy insights and a rather good joke. Jacqueline's latest book, out now in time – suitably enough – for Christmas... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading Recommendations…

Looking for a book to take you away this summer? I’m sorry to say you can’t borrow books from the school library over the summer holidays, but look out for these in your local public library or in bookshops. Something Funny? Sputnik’s Guide to Life of Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce Prez is living in... Continue Reading →

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