The Life of Pi CARTOON

by Abi Ley


First Rant of 2018: UPSIDE-DOWN CRISPS!

by Ella Edmonds Hey guys! Do you know why crisp packets have the graphics and the text a certain way around? Because it shows you which way up the packet is meant to be, that’s why. When you’re reading a book, you don’t look at the front cover to read the title, turn the book... Continue Reading →

The Agony Student strikes again!

A couple of weeks ago our Agony Student, Niamh Gander, received a heart-rending cri de coeur from an anonymous teacher who was experiencing agonising guilt owing to the new door system at St James. See below for her brilliant solution to said teacher's problems (along with the original letter, reprinted here for your convenience). THE PROBLEM... Dear... Continue Reading →


By Ella Edmonds, Ranter-at-Large Ok, so I understand that the government needs to do certain things, either to keep us safe or… I don’t know much about politics, I guess some things just have to be done. But some things are a step too far. And one of those things is the sugar tax which... Continue Reading →

St James Exeter is proud to be the very first school in the country to offer a GCSE qualification in 'Paranormal Studies'. The two-year course is inspired by the education system in Transylvania, home of Count Dracula, and will only be open to the most fearless students. Further information below.

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