Chocolate Brown ‘E’ – tastiest pun ever?

Bubble staff were treated to a delicious snack-joke hybrid during Monday's meeting. Who said puns couldn't be delicious?* (Thank you TM and RYB.) *Er... no one said that. Ed.


ISCA Boys Wear Skirts in Uniform Protest

by Joe Yarde-Buller, Bubble Reporter Today, as reported in the Guardian and the BBC, a group of 30 students from ISCA Academy in Exeter wore skirts in a protest against the uniform policy. The school doesn't allow boys to wear shorts whilst allowing girls to wear skirts with no tights. How unfair on the boys! The protest... Continue Reading →

We have 239 pieces of bubble gum…

... to be used for all manner of fun and games at the St James Summer Fete this Saturday (24th June). The Bubble's Gum Correspondent can confirm that they taste just as disgu delicious as they look. Come to our stall to find out for yourself...  

The Bubble goes ONLINE!

Hello. This is the brand new website of THE BUBBLE, the unofficial magazine of St James School, Exeter. The Bubble is created by students for students. Now that we've figured out how it works, we'll be posting all kinds of stuff up here. There'll be news and fake news. There'll be art, stories, poems, and even films.... Continue Reading →

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