We don’t need no… NEW DOOR SYSTEM!

A rant by Bubble editor Ella Edmonds Right, if nobody else is going to say it, I will… the new school door system is stupid. I understand that it protects us from people getting in, and yay for safety and all that, but I now need to walk an extra, like, 100 steps to get into school!?!... Continue Reading →


ISCA Boys Wear Skirts in Uniform Protest

by Joe Yarde-Buller, Bubble Reporter Today, as reported in the Guardian and the BBC, a group of 30 students from ISCA Academy in Exeter wore skirts in a protest against the uniform policy. The school doesn't allow boys to wear shorts whilst allowing girls to wear skirts with no tights. How unfair on the boys! The protest... Continue Reading →


by Ella Edmonds As a school, we have decided to change our summer uniform. There have been many strong opinions on the change. Some feel that the length of skirt is overly long. I’ve heard complaints that wearing shorts with a blazer may not look good. Here at The Bubble, we’ve come up with our... Continue Reading →

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