First Rant of 2018: UPSIDE-DOWN CRISPS!

by Ella Edmonds Hey guys! Do you know why crisp packets have the graphics and the text a certain way around? Because it shows you which way up the packet is meant to be, that’s why. When you’re reading a book, you don’t look at the front cover to read the title, turn the book... Continue Reading →


The Bubble reviews… The Kingsman: Golden Circle

By Ella Edmonds As someone who loved the first Kingsman movie, I will try to be unbiased as I review this sequel… 'Try' being the operative word. The basic plot is that a year after saving the world once, Eggsy (Taron Egerton), has to do it all over again. This time, from the drug lord Poppy... Continue Reading →

The Beach View by Lasya Purohit

An original watercolour by Lasya Purohit, Yr 9 The high tide smashed against the rocks and the smooth sand was swallowed up by the shore. My feet were engraved in the soft sand as I walked along the bay with my family close behind. The boats laid on the sand bed awaiting for their owners... Continue Reading →

The Agony Student strikes again!

A couple of weeks ago our Agony Student, Niamh Gander, received a heart-rending cri de coeur from an anonymous teacher who was experiencing agonising guilt owing to the new door system at St James. See below for her brilliant solution to said teacher's problems (along with the original letter, reprinted here for your convenience). THE PROBLEM... Dear... Continue Reading →


By Ella Edmonds, Ranter-at-Large Ok, so I understand that the government needs to do certain things, either to keep us safe or… I don’t know much about politics, I guess some things just have to be done. But some things are a step too far. And one of those things is the sugar tax which... Continue Reading →

The Bubble interviews… JACQUELINE WILSON!

The Bubble is thrilled to publish its very first CELEBRITY INTERVIEW – with bestselling children's writer and all-round star of the literary firmament, Jacqueline Wilson. Read on for some excellent tips for budding writers, some cheesy insights and a rather good joke. Jacqueline's latest book, out now in time – suitably enough – for Christmas... Continue Reading →

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